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According to the source, some of them do not see the threat as serious.

Bank of Israel held a meeting on Tuesday on the issue, we will update you soon about their next step with a new article.

Few days ago we have covered that hackers from Saudi Arabia named Group-XP has hacked more than400K Israeli credit cards and they have openly posted on a pastebin release names, passwords, addresses, phone numbers and government ID numbers and so on.

0x Omar a hacker from Group-XP told"We decided to give the world a new year gift". Today well known hacker group KHS aka Kosovo Hackers Security has did exactly same what Group-XP has done before.

Today again they have proved their capability after leaking more than 7K credit card details.

technical experts; skilled, often young, computer programmers, who almost whimsically probe the defenses of a computer system, searching out the limits and the possibilities of the machine.

Despite their seemingly subversive role, hackers are a recognized asset in the computer industry, often highly prized The newspaper describes white hat activities as part of a "mischievous but perversely positive 'hacker' tradition".

When a National CSS employee revealed the existence of his password cracker, which he had used on customer accounts, the company chastised him not for writing the software but for not disclosing it sooner.

Let me add, These is not a sufficient proof, but we all know that how much complicated is the attribution for an attack in the cyberspace, and many political actors could be interested to fuel the crisis between the two populations.

According to Haaretz news, A Hacker - who is the operator of a biggest botnet malware network in the Israel, has threatens 3 major Israeli banks, i.e.

Israel Discount Bank, Bank Yahav and the First International Bank of Israel.

Anyway security experts recognized the same hand behind the latest attack originated from a server in the US, the tactics adopted by hackers is identical and there are many similarities in the code used.

According to Securlet, the attackers have used ”Xtreme RAT“ for a cyber espionage campaign against Israeli institutions and law enforcement in Novemeber 2012, forcing the government to shut down Internet access for its police.

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The attackers have penetrated into the network of Israeli Defense accessing to 15 computers, one of them managed by the Israel’s Civil Administration that monitors Palestinians in Israeli-occupied territory.

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