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For a Pisces, there is just something off about people who don’t like furry critters… (Some friendly advice: never criticize friend for his or her own deal breakers. For example, let's say your deal breaker is "isn't nice to cute, fluffy animals", that's good since animal abuse could signify a tendency to disrespect or even harm those less powerful than he or she is. It doesn’t matter if the lies are small; she doesn’t want to date people who aren’t truthful.The biggest deal breaker for a Libra is whether or not her date is a loudmouth.If her date has a blank face when she asks him what his favorite books are, this won’t sit well with her.She needs a partner who likes to read and continually learn new things.

A Sagittarius will not date someone who is close-minded.To find out what each zodiac sign’s dating deal breakers are, continue reading below.An Aries woman will NEVER date someone who is boring.The surest way to turn her off is by being apathetic.She will never date someone who is not committed to their work and who does not have strong goals.

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If this person does not have a firm grasp of social courtesy, she will want to duck out of the date.

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