Dating dresden porcilen internet dating tragedies

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Dating dresden porcilen

These rich details and craftsmanship are what originally made porcelain a statement of wealth and lifestyle.Stratenschulte explained that porcelain was rare during the 18th century and only the extremely wealthy could afford it.They offer residencies to porcelain artists from all over the world.Their current artist-in-residence is Olaf Stoy, one of the many artists whose work is featured in the City Museum's exhibition.This juxtaposition of old and new is exactly what the curators aimed to capture.Most of the modern pieces are white, the classic porcelain color.The decline of the porcelain industry came in the 20th century as the destruction of two world wars had left precious materials like porcelain obsolete.

By the end of the 19th century, industrial production methods led to lower porcelain prices and manufacturers focused on creating brands to protect their designs.There are even several porcelain chess sets on display.Traditional Dresden porcelain, however, doesn't come up short in the exhibition.Porcelain may conjure up images of some dusty vases or figurines on your grandmother's shelf.But a new exhibition at the Dresden City Museum showcases a modern, artistic interpretation of this precious material.

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When it does appear, it plays with stereotypes or is barely indentifiable as Chinese.

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