Irc adult chat servers

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This way you will have the same password for all your nicknames and memo's sent to one of your nicknames can be read by ANY of your nicknames.

To group a new nickname to your main nickname, do the following: Change to your new nickname Type /msg Nick Serv GROUP mainnicktogroupto mainnickpassword For example, if your main nickname is Roomie with the password mypass and you wanted to register an away nick Roomie-away, you would do the following: Type /nick Roomie-away Type /msg Nick Serv GROUP Roomie mypass Now, all memos send to Roomie-away will still be accessible to Roomie, when changing from Roomie to Roomie-away or Roomie-away to Roomie, you will not be asked for a password each time.

-Memo Serv- Type /msg Memo Serv LIST NEW to list them.

After typing /msg Memo Serv LIST NEW, you will then have all your new memos listed and each is given a number.

*@* (unignores the specific nick) For more Hex Chat info: click here PLEASE NOTE: Even though you can ignore ANY user you want, or even ALL users, KC Officials will always be able to Private Message you (but why would you want to ignore us lovely people anyway???

: P) To get a list of the KC Officials, type /admin when you are connected to the chat.

You must also ensure that the current Kinksters server rules are adhered to in your room.Maybe we can catch up next time you're on PLEASE NOTE: Your nickname MUST be registered with Nick Serv before you can send a memo and you can only send memos to other registered nicknames.Back to top When you receive a Memo from somebody, you will get a notificatoin similar to the following: -Memo Serv- You have 3 new memos.*@* NOTI PRIV (ignores PMs and notices from the specified nickname) /ignore Nickname To Ignore!*@* ALL (ignores everything from the specified nickname) /unignore Nickname To Ignore!

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