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Mike posner dating

She then asked the obvious question: "What are you guys talking about?" "We're talking about you right now," Blackbear explained, and when Giuliana asked if it was OK, Mike Posner via Blackbear said, "It was not OK." "He said that you're very beautiful and he wants to marry you," Blackbear said for Mike Posner, but that wasn't a correct translation of the also English words that Posner had just audibly said.The two donned matching highlighter-green dye jobs and then disturbingly mimed a choke session for the cameras.

"Song of the year next year is stuck in his head already," Blackbear said.What we weren't expecting—and what Giuliana Rancic certainly wasn't expecting—was the most awkward secondhand non-marriage proposal we've ever had to cringe our way through.Posner, whose "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" is nominated tonight for Song of the Year, began whispering into Blackbear's ear as Giuliana began the interview.The 2017 Grammy Awards nominees were announced on December 6, with a tribute performance to Prince.Our 2017 Grammys host Aja Dang is on the red carpet for us this year: keep up with everything happening live on Facebook, follow us on Twitter at @Pop Crush and join the conversation on social media using #Grammys PC!

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But the most puzzling interaction was aired live on E!

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