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You lean over the counter with your arms folded at its edge. He wasn't meaning to be rude, but he wasn't expecting you to offer your services. "Yes, I know how to motion my arm in a circle." You rolled your eyes and poked fun of his profession a bit. You had an interest in cooking, but you didn't want to commit to lessons. "You're late." Your thumb nail slowly digs into the backside of your hand from the nerves. "195 days." They stand up from the bench and begin their leave. Threats were all well and good, but this was something different. " You simultaneously narrow your eyes and raise a brow, "Shouldn't you? Blacken my nails, if you would." You put a hand over your mouth and chuckle, "He actually went to school like that? " The request from Prompto finally set in, and you got a bit quiet. The boy put his hand in yours and you began to paint. The hit wasn't too hard, but but his sensitive skin reddened accordingly. It was official; two weeks from now either Prompto would have a shaved head, or you would have his name permanently inked on your skin.

"Good, because I need you to continue that for the next 5 minutes." He'd tend back to the food on the stove. This was the reason you never went home with Noctis to meet the family or vice versa. " The boy bounced around to the front of the bench and sat beside you. These were the times you'd remember most fondly when reminiscing on your youth. You'd look at the boy with a bit of a pout, "Hey, you do realize you can pay someone to get this done? Tossing his hand away, you put the tiny bottle back into your bag. The blond smiled a toothy grin, "Let the games begin my friend!

He was simultaneously making lunch, preparing a dessert, and cleaning as he went. He stopped whisking the mixture in the bowl and just stared at you a moment. Receiving the glass dish, you picked up where he left off. "I'm always willing to teach those interested in the culinary arts. " Your laughing stopped as he was being completely serious. The only part of their skin that is visible is around their piercing daffodil eyes. "Look forward." Their raspy voice demands you, and like clockwork, you comply. I was just..." "You're getting too close to that family. " The black hooded person picks a tiny white daisy from the side of the bench and a chilling laugh bellows from their throat. When I return, be ready, and pray you are not late again." As the person walked away you were left with a feeling of unease. "Anyway, I saw what you did to Noct's hands and I want it too. It was genuine leather with two straps in the front to secure the inside. It can be anywhere, but it's gotta be first and last name." He was much more evil than you gave him credit for. I hope you enjoy looking like a new armed forces recruit." You extended you hand for a handshake and the boy solidified it.

"Oh, that's why you were leaving." The small framed boy stood up from the bench. " His spiky blond hair blew back in the breeze as he chased after you. He attempted not to dive right into the chocolate sandwich spread as you passed by, but his eyes certainly wandered. I'm noooot suuuuure." Your words stretched out as you walked past each lane. " You put the leash onto Benedict's collar and shrugged your shoulders. Now with the weekend at your disposal, you would definitely find a date in no time.

Down the large hill you ran until the arms of the young gunner tackled you to the ground. " "W-wait I meant..." You couldn't get your words out as the boy already started taking off down the hill. She was yours now and you were beginning to pour emotion into her. " Out of nowhere the large hound tackled you again. " The excited blond yelled as he sprinted back up the hill. Come on, I need to pick up some stuff." Supermarket : pm : 195 days You were now inside the two story 24 hour supermarket named Tsuki Marketplace. You were truly hoping nothing would set her off, or even better, that her owners would show up. You were looking for the ingredients to a dessert you'd had once before in your youth. "You're getting sweet on Noct and you're gonna make his favorite dessert for him." The boy's face changed to a bit melancholy as he heard his own words out loud. " Oh how his eyes glistened upon the mention of his date. You sit right next to her in homeroom." Your jaw dropped upon hearing this news. But I've been leaving her little notes here and there." The boy's cheeks turned a bright shade of pink. "Shame, because you could have asked anything from me. You wore your white and red trimmed lounge shorts with a red sports bra.

"Just come back to my place and after everything calms down and I'll let you drive the Regalia." Ooh, he was playing hardball, and it was one you considered striking out for. Yes it was dark, but there was only few people who'd be out in this park late at night, and even fewer who'd have that ever so luminous red at the bottom of their shoes. You wore a plain white shirt that showed just a bit of midriff and pink gingham pajama shorts as you exited the room.

Pursing you lips, you shove the boy, "Fine, but you owe me more that a damn ride, you hear me? " Dropping to your knees, you place a hand over your mouth and shake your head. You were so tired you didn't even remember getting changed into this... As you opened the door the scent got stronger and closer.

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Category: Friendship, Adventure, Romance, Fluff (will most likely get smutty at times), Action, Comfort, Slice of Life Cypress Park : : 196 days "Tell me why we're doing this again? "It's gonna make you look like a total badass, now hold still! Still, that didn't stop you from wearing your strapless white shirt. Certainly when you stood up you'd be sporting some nice vertical bench scars from the metal pressing deep into your uncovered covered legs. " The boy stood up from the bench, "I don't, and that includes you. " You yell at the boy as he runs opposite your direction. As the boy scrambled around, his eyes caught the sight of a familiar face. Yes, Noctis was independent and on his own, but that didn't mean he wasn't checked up on every now and then... For all he knows I'm just some punk kid who's staying out late." The words you spoke were true. Smiling, you shake his hand and simultaneously attempt to calm down this insistent dog. I would tell you my name, but mother always told me to never tell my name to a stranger.

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