Qiao en and ming dao dating online dating no pay

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Qiao en and ming dao dating

But this changes when the officials come knocking and searching for the dad so in order to protect him CQN gets beaten up.

Later when the dad falls sick with a terrible disease CQN still sticks by him so he gets touched because he’s always treated her like crap yet she’s still so good to him . YSS tries ways to get the king to notice her and when he does, the guy she slept with previous Luo Feng is there and turns out he knows the king well actly … when she was chasing power and wealth, the person who loved her ttm even tho she treats him like crap is actly what she wants.

One thing special about Chen is that she has excelled in the romance genre.

From ep 1-10, I can only give a brief outline cause I can’t recall what happened in exactly every episode…

It basically revolves around how Le er (Chen Qiao En – CQN) and Miao Ge (YSS) got to know each other and become as close as sisters.

It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. Actress Chen Qiao-En (Joe Chen) is probably most well-known to international viewers for Fated to Love You, the romance comedy drama that was so popular that it was remade into a Korean version.

She is considered the queen of romance by Chinese drama fans because she has excelled in many romances and is often paired with hot leading men, including Wang Kai in the romcom Stay With Me.

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Take a look at these six enviable pairings from her portfolio.

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