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Rumor has it that “Beans” has also been spotted working as a Santa’s helper at a mall in San Francisco.What about our beloved David Gordon, aka Lizzie Mc Guire’s bushy-haired, nerdy-and-adorable best guy friend, Gordo?His role as Phil Diffy is still his main claim to TV fame, but based on his adorable smile, this 31-year-old looks happier (and more handsome) than ever.and taught classes at universities and high schools in California (including the University of Southern California and Berkeley, among others).(Okay, maybe that’s just me.) Here are 15 Disney actors that seemingly fell off the face of the earth—and where they are now.star Jason Earles was 29 years old when he started playing Miley Stewart’s 16-year-old brother, Jackson. ) and recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Katie Drysen.But as we all know, 2007 was a different time where child stars and reality stars made out, apparently. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Could Go to Trial — And Their Darkest Secrets May Come Out Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian's Lookalikes Are Making Us See Double!

His name might have been Phil of the Future, but this is a blast from the past! He played Chad Danforth, Troy Bolton’s right hand man. I’m here to get you up to date on some of these legendary characters we admired for all those years. Corbin Bleu Corbin Bleu was a pivotal character in our favorite movie series, .Nothing was better than the early morning cartoons, afternoon specials, and Disney Channel Original Movies we all still cherish. Thinking back to those good ol’ days, you might remember some characters that you had completely forgot about. His most valuable piece of advice was to “get your head in the game!We all had days where we would pretend to be sick and come home from school just to watch the marathon. Remember that poster of your favorite character you had hanging on your wall? It’s okay to admit you totally forgot about them because so many of them have completely fallen off our radar! ” which I know was like half of our generation's ringtone.

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Most recently, he is a drummer in the band Reputante. Orlando Brown and Anneliese van der Pol We have heard a little bit about Raven Symone in the media recently as she came out of the closet and when she spoke about her experiences with Bill Cosby.

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