Red lips dating

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Red lipstick girls choose FASHION over FUNCTION and are willing to suffer mild discomfort in order to contribute to the overall glamour and beauty of the world.In a culture defined by Crocs and Uggs, red lipstick girls a scarce and endangered species, often shamed by the granola-eating masses for their fashion forwardness.It would be so much easier to go nude; it would free her from its embarrassing habit of making its way onto her teeth while eating.She wouldn’t have to be fearful that every time she goes to the bathroom, she will find an inexplicable red smear on the very tip of her nose (this frequently happens to me—I finally figured out it’s from taking too large a sip from my champagne glass)."Fearless" is the name of the red lipstick game, however, and playing it safe isn't in the DNA of this particular breed of girl.

Wearing red lipstick is the ultimate cosmetic commitment, and in a time when flippancy and promiscuity are the norm, it’s no mystery why so many girls shy away from the RED.

She’s simply at the club to look fabulous, hang out with her friends and meet interesting people.

She also knows that if she were to kiss anyone, they would a little of her red lippy on their body (I mean it's an honor, really).

For the purposes of keeping it simple, all of the aforementioned colors will reside under the umbrella of RED, whilst in the duration of this article.

Deepest apologizes ladies, but the tender tones of petal pink, coral, tangerine, beige or anything that might be described as “pastel” needn’t apply.

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She WANTS you to gaze at her lips and fantasize about kissing them.

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  1. Let’s say that you’re feeling quite frisky and your GF is currently away at work. : Bars and nightclubs are sexually charged environments where chicks are opened to being hit on and treated as sex objects. But how many guys actually get sexual with strange women at bars? The defining factor between you and the drunk guy is that you’ll be coherent oppose to the drunk guy who lacks coherency and proper calibration. You know what they say about girls who drink Apple Martinis right”? Me: “You’re gonna be really offended by this…[building tension, anticipation and intrigue by pausing]…They say that girls who drink Apple Martinis…are lacking good sex”! If she doesn’t flake, she will flat out make a bunch of excuses as to why we cannot meet up.