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He noted that people with felonies or domestic abuse convictions are typically unable to obtain weapon permits, so he questions the logic of allowing sex offenders — even those convicted of non-felony offenses — to carry weapons in public....

[A] review of states surrounding Iowa found that some sex offenders can obtain permits to carry weapons even though authorities said they aren’t aware of a large number being issued.

Apparently, a Howard County man broke into the apartments of two young women, installing a video camera in their bathrooms and bedrooms.

The man has been charged with burglary and video surveillance “with a prurient interest.” The man apparently knew the women, allowing him to steal and copy their apartment keys.

The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, a national organization focused on the prevention of sexual abuse, generally advocates for cases to be reviewed individually when assessing if a sex offender is likely to reoffend or jeopardize public safety.

« New bipartisan House Judiciary Committee task force to examine overcriminalization | Main | Corrupt state supreme court judge and sister facing state sentencing in PA » The question in the title of this post is my initial reaction to this big newpaper story from Iowa, headlined "50 sex offenders have gun permits: Law enforcement is concerned that state law allows offenders to easily obtain permits." Here are excerpts from the lengthy Joshua Duehr is one of more than 50 sex offenders in Iowa who can carry a gun in public.

“If their local sheriff does not have probable cause to restrict that person under current law from being able to obtain a permit, then that’s the situation at hand,” said Windschitl, a gunsmith who has advocated for multiple pro-gun bills.

Aggravatingly, this story fails to note that it is a serious federal crime, subject to up to 10 years imprisonment, for any and all persons convicted of a felony or a domestic violence misdemeanor from even possessing a gun.

Those states — including Nebraska, Missouri and Wisconsin — have laws similar to Iowa’s that do not specifically exclude sex offenders from obtaining such permits.

Minnesota law, however, makes it a misdemeanor for a person required to register as a sex offender to carry a handgun.

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Those types of denials typically must be based on documented actions from the past two years.