True blood co stars dating

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True blood co stars dating

True Blood, created by Alan Ball, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of American Beauty and Six Feet Under, is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries series of novels by Charlaine Harris.Its dark tales of 'glamouring' vampires, who can hypnotise their human victims; fangbangers, who are addicted to vampire sex, and users who get high on 'V' – vampire blood – have made it the most watched series on HBO in the US since The Sopranos, as well as an internet phenomenon.We both liked Leeds United, so we thought, let's go there. 'I thought I owed it to myself to check it out, because the reason I quit when I was 13 had nothing to do with acting per se.' He applied for a theatre course at Marymount Manhattan College in New York by sending them videotapes of himself performing monologues, filmed by his friend.He landed a place on the course and moved to New York in 1997, renting a room in an apartment off Times Square from a flamboyant French-Filipino designer named Rene.I would have tried, and I would have done it for a few more years probably, but I'm absolutely sure I wouldn't be acting today.I would have crashed and burned after a while.' He briefly considered becoming an architect – 'I spent a lot of time drawing buildings, even entire towns' – but changed his mind.He is buzzing from the experience of acting with his father that day for the first time ever. It was a lot of fun.' At 33, he is the oldest of Stellan's six children from his first marriage: three of his brothers – Gustav, 29, Bill, 20, and Valter, 14, have established acting careers. His sister, Eija, 18, is a model; his mother, My, a doctor. On any given night, there would be 10 to 15 people around the dinner table.

Ellis' rep announced Saturday that the actor had died at age 39 after complications of heart failure.Family life, he says, was 'pretty chaotic', the atmosphere 'very liberal'. I was very much part of the chaos but I also had my room, and in there, when I was four or five, I would organise my cars and my action figures.I needed some kind of structure, I think, because it was so chaotic in the rest of the apartment.' His father was performing in repertory theatre at the time, and would often be rehearsing one play during the day and performing in another in the evening.Moyer shared a longer one on Facebook early Sunday, describing one of his earliest memories of him.Moyer shared a behind-the-scenes photo of Ellis in character and recalled how the actor filmed a scene in which Lafayette explains to waitress and Bill's love interest Sookie, played by Moyer's real wife Anna Paquin, how men are afraid of vaginas."I'm not sure I have ever seen, before or since, people crowd around a monitor at video village with their hands clapped to their mouths from shock, sheer laughter and wonder as the actor playing Lafayette jiggled and shook and humped the butchers block to get his point across," Moyer wrote.

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Moyer said that in real life, "Nelsan was quiet, smart, thoughtful, warm and kind.