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You can no longer update the phone via NSU and if you turn to a Nokia servicepoint they will notice that your product code in the phone is different compare to the one on the label on the backside of the phone…this means that they most probably will deny to give you service since you have done something with the phone that isn´t allowed. This is the EMEA version of the regular N73: 0527009 Euro 1 0529568 France 0529569 Alps 0529602 Euro 2 0529603 Turkey 0529604 South Africa 0529605 Scandanavia 0529606 Baltains 0529607 Russia 0529608 Ukraine 0529609 Bulgaria 0529780 Hungary 0529781 Balkans 0529782 Greece/Cypurs 0529784 Lebanon 0529785 Gulf 0529786 Israel 0529790 Euro 1 0529792 Euro 2 0529793 Turkey 0529794 Balkans 0529795 Ukraine 0529796 Greece/Cypurs 0529797 Bulgaria 0529799 Hungary 0529801 Romania 0529803 Gulf 0529804 Baltains 0529805 France 0529806 Alps 0529807 South Africa 0529809 Scandanavia 0529810 Lebanon 0529811 Russia 0537287 Belarus 0537288 Belarus 0540567 Euro 1 0540575 Gulf And these are the EMEA version of the N73 Music Edition: 0537289 Euro 1 0539193 France 0539207 Alps 0539239 Euro 2 0539256 Turkey 0539265 South Africa 0539269 Scandanavia 0539278 Baltains 0539279 Russia 0539284 Ukraine 0539285 Bulgaria 0539289 Hungary 0539291 Balkans 0539293 Greece/Cypurs 0539294 Lebanon 0539295 Gulf 0539298 Israel 0539299 Romania 0539341 Belarus Couple of tips : 1) Ensure that your phone is in general profile 2) DONOT touch the phone/cable while update is going on 3) Keep the charger plugged in all the time 4) Take a backup of all the data 5) Do the backup on either on Saturday or Sunday night . 7) If something is not working properly after the update do an update again.

Music Player audio settings (Stereo widening is super cool!!! I just want to point out how risky this can be considering the future: Say that you choose to change the product code to something else and then Nokia later decide to take the current product code away from NSU since they notice many people are changing this code…will you do then if your phone goes dead? I found this list to update to what u want U cant go back to the earlier version without Flushing.

Upgrade via PCPC dengan persyaratan minimal sebagai berikut• Bersistem operasi Windows 2000 (SP4 atau yang lebih baru) atau Windows XP (SP1 atau SP2) atau Windows Vista • RAM 512 MB • Prosesor Intel® Pentium® 4, 1.0 GHz atau yang lebih tinggi • Koneksi Internet • Port USB • Kabel data USB untuk ponsel yang kompatibel Upgrade akan menghapus seluruh data ponsel. Pilih tipe ponsel yang hendak diupgrade, jika anda tidak menemukan tipe ponsel anda berarti ponsel belum bisa untuk diupgrade. Download software updater dari Nokia (Nokia Software Updater/NSU). Setelah berhasil mendownload, instal kemudian jalankan software di PC. Sekarang koneksikan ponsel dengan PC menggunakan kabel data.

Jadi, back up dulu data-data ponsel anda sebelum memulai langkah upgrade. Jangan lupa hubungkan ponsel dengan charger untuk menghindari ponsel kehabisan baterai saat proses upgrade berjalan.

Proses ini akan memakan waktu sekitar 5 hingga 15 menit. Saat proses berlangsung ponsel akan mati dan restart dengan firmware terbaru. Selanjutnya akan muncul konfirmasi bahwa proses upgrade telah selesai. Sekedar informasi, saat ini sudah tersedia firmware terbaru untuk Nokia N73, kode produk 0529820 Versi: 4.0839.42.0.1 2008Monggo dicoba…

Namun jika anda ingin melakukan upgrade di lain waktu anda bisa menyimpan installernya sementara di memori ponsel.

Nokia N73 RM-133 Latest Flash File is avail to direct download from this web page. The flash file has English, Hindi, and other local Indian languages.

That's all your help will be greatly appreciated. If so, this is how to update the firmware: Download and install: Nemesis Service Suite and the latest Nokia Software Update. Firmware Version: 3.0638.0.0.30 Now that you’ve seen how the Nokia N73 Music Edition differs from the standard Nokia N73, do you still want to do it?Jika firmware terbarunya tersedia, ponsel otomatis akan mendownload installernya. Setelah berhasil mendownload sebuah kotak akan muncul.Instal firmware tersebut dengan menekan More Install. Nokia Software Updater akan mengidentifikasi ponsel dan mencari updater terbaru yang tersedia. Jika firmware ponsel anda merupakan yang terbaru maka proses upgrade tidak akan berjalan. Sebaliknya, jika firmware terbarunya tersedia maka Nokia Software Updater akan memulai proses upgrade. Tunggu hingga muncul konfirmasi bahwa proses upgrade telah selesai. Udah saya coba lho di N73 saya, sekarang jadi lebih cepet, gak error, bahkan ada aplikasi tambahan.

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Note: We always provide the best and 100% working flash files for cell phones. We are not responsible for any data losses during flashing cell phones.

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